Good morning Foundation Stage. What another amazing day of home learning yesterday!

In school we had a very wintery walk, did some great maths, english and phonics work and made a cosy den.

Foundation Stage, you did some amazing things! There was some great phonics work, identifying zero, finding numbers and lots of other things. Oh, and I absolutely love your dens!

FS2 today we are learning a new sound, ‘sh’. Mr Mc is here again to help you practise the sounds you already know and learn the new sound. Get your singing voices ready……

Now have a go at some activities. Play I spy, how many words can you find with the ‘sh’ sound in it? Is the ‘sh’ at the beginning, middle or end? Can you have a go at writing the word?

Below is a list of ‘sh’and ‘ch words. Say the word to your child, sound it out and ask them to have a go at writing it.

For the next activity, rather than drawing a line, just find the picture which matches the word. Then have a go at writing the label for the other pictures.

This last challenge is quite a tricky one! You might want to do it with or without the time challenge.

FS1 have a go at one or both of the phonics activities.

Remember to draw a picture of your soup and objects or take a photograph so I can see what you did.

When you were out on your winter walk I am sure you saw lots of winter trees. Today for your second challenge, I would like you to create a picture of a winter tree. There are some examples below. You could have a go at creating one of these or making your own. The pictures show lots of different ways to create pictures including hand and finger prints, twigs and cotton bud prints, cotton wool and twisted paper. I wonder how you will create yours? I can’t wait to see!

Friday 8th January

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