This week we have been learning about travel and different forms of transport. We have enjoyed reading ‘The Train Ride’ and ‘We all go travelling by’. The children have loved painting and glittering hot air balloons, sorting vehicles into groups and thinking about whether they go on the road, in the air, on water or on a track.

Our trip to Wassand

We had an amazing day on Monday visiting Wassand Hall. The children had so much fun making their own bug houses, going on a ladybird hunt and drawing their own Minibeasts. They also loved running around the grounds, rolling down the hills and playing stuck in the mud. Our parent helpers were fantastic, thank you so much to you all.

Welcome back!

The children have had a super first week back at school and it has been lovely to hear all about what they have been doing during half term. This week we have been learning about how people help us, particularly focusing on the police force and fire brigade. We have made fire engines and police cars and the FS2 children have written some amazing sentences to describe a fire engine.


We have finished the half term by looking at all of the different animals we have learnt about. We have compared where they live, what they look like and thought about what they need. The children have been amazing this half term and have all made such a lot of progress. We hope you all have a very happy half term holiday and look forward to seeing you when we come back to school.


Another great week in Foundation Stage. We have been learning about Minibeasts as well as enjoying lots of outdoor fun. I would like to say a very big well done to all the children who read at least 3 times last week, it was huge increase from the week before. Please keep it up as it helps your children enormously. We also really appreciate the sponsor money that has come into school this week for our outdoor area, thank you so much.

Sea Creatures

Another fabulous week in Foundation Stage! We have been learning about sea creatures and thinking about animal habitats. FS2 children have written some amazing sentences and FS1 are doing a great job at trying to write the letters of the alphabet. Please could week ask for a big push on home reading for FS2. We would love it if you could read with your child and record it in their diary at least 3 times a week. We are seeing such a difference with the children who read regularly. Thanks so much for your support with this.


This week we have continues our ‘Animals’ theme by learning all about pets. The children have talked about their own pets, looked at things pets need and where they live. They made their own dogs and tortoises and explored pet accessories in our Curiosity Corner. The FS2 children are doing amazingly well at writing sentences and lots are reading 3 times a week at home. The impact of reading at home is enormous so please try your best to read as often as possible! We also started our running around the track to raise money for our new outside area, the children are thoroughly enjoying this, thank you for your support.