Room on the Broom

We have had another busy week in Foundation Stage. We have continued the theme of Funny Bones and introduced Room on the Broom focused activities.

Foundation Stage 1 children have continued with lots of listening activities in their phonics sessions. There are lots of listening activities on You Tube you can play to practise with your child.

Foundation Stage 2 children are building their recall and recognition of the sounds s,a, t, p, i, n, m and d. They are continuing to practise rhythm and rhyming and blending sounds together for reading. As soon as each set of letters is introduced, children are encouraged to use their knowledge of the letter sounds to blend and sound out words. For example, they will learn to blend the sounds s-a-t to make the word sat. They will also start learning to segment words. For example, they might be asked to find the letter sounds that make the word tap. It is important that children can blend both real and nonsense words, eg pat and tis. While they are developing these skills, we continue to practise listening skills, identifying sounds at the beginning of words and matching the written letter (grapheme).

Super Storytelling and Role Play

We’ve had a great week in Foundation Stage, retelling stories, making skeleton masks, having fun on the stage and completing lots of Funny Bones challenges.


Foundation Stage One have been playing with sounds. They have been listening carefully to sounds around them, making sounds with musical instruments, body percussion and investigation rhythm and rhyme. There are lots of ways you can practise these skills at home. Here are some ideas:

Foundation Stage Two children have been learning/recapping the sounds s,a,t,p,i,n. Listening is really important before the children begin to read so some of the above activities may also be suitable for FS2 children. We have also been practising some early reading skills: rhyming, alliteration and counting the ‘beats’ in words. These are key skills which form the foundations for reading and writing and should continue to be practised as the children begin to learn to recognise the written letter(s) (graphemes) and sounds (phonemes).

Here are some ideas for practising at home:

Friday 17th July – A final farewell from me.

I cannot believe it’s the last day and the summer holidays are here. It certainly isn’t the way I thought we would be ending our school year. It has been an absolute pleasure teaching you in FS and I think you’ll all agree it took some adapting back in March when we all had to begin home learning. I think we should all be proud of ourselves, your mummy’s and daddy’s too. I’m so glad we had the blog and Evidence Me so I could still see what everyone was getting up to and was lovely for you to still be able to share your work with me. Well done on everything you’ve achieved this school year at home and at school. Keep being stars and shining bright.
I’ve heard there is a beautiful present at school which Mr Barnes is going to kindly deliver tonight and I will post a final thank you once I have received it. So kind and thoughtful 🥰 .

I hope you all received the little notebook and pencil from me, I’ve heard lots of you have been busy drawing and writing in these already. I’m gutted I wasn’t able to see everyone but was lovely to see lots of you on Tuesday when I was in. So here is a final little message from me.

Have a great last day, have fun, party and lots of outside play in this beautiful sunshine. Take care, stay safe and have a fantastic summer holiday. I will see you all in September when I visit with the new addition 😊 Lots of love Miss McIntyre x

Sports week round up 🏀 ⚾️ 🏈 🎾

Another fab week, well done to everyone that completed activities and had a great sports week. Take a look below at some of your activities. Keep scrolling down for today’s FS Friday activity and a message about next week.

Matthew and sister Emily’s sack race.

I had to share this video from Thomas and brother Leo – dancing Glastonbury style last week. Great fun!

So this week was the last of the subject activity posts, remember to check out today’s spelling and French activities. Next week is our last week of the school year – I can’t quite believe it. We have lots of fun activities planned for you on the home learning blog. Remember to check back here on the FS blog next Friday for an end of year message from me.

FS Friday treat

With the weather being a bit dull and drizzly I thought you might enjoy watching a sporty Numberblocks today. You could even have a go at making your own Numberblocks.
Enjoy and have a fab weekend. Miss Mc 😊