A creative make and do morning…

On Wednesday morning we invited family and friends to join the children to make Stickmen. Thank you to everyone that was able to make it, it really was a fun creative morning and the finished creations are amazing and all so different. They are now being displayed in the front entrance of school which can be viewed through the window or when people come in for the Christmas performances.

Stick Man!

We have had lots of fun this week reading the story Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and doing lots of activities linked to this story.

Mark making, stick painting and making our own stick men.

FS2 have been investigating different sticks and comparing the lengths. We also made different shapes using sticks. We talked about the shapes we could and couldn’t make and how many sides and corners different shapes had and how many sticks we would need.

We have had lots of fun exploring our new outdoor play equipment!
The children worked together to make a track to travel along and explored different ways of moving. They then made cars, trains and seesaws and worked together really well.

The children cut back the lavender this week. They showed very safe and careful cutting skills. We explored the lavender and made lavender chains.

Children in need!

A fun creative week!

We had fun making sparkly firework pictures.

On Monday afternoon FS2 made edible ‘sparklers’ with chocolate fingers and sprinkles. We had great fun eating them around the ‘fire’. The children shared their bonfire and firework stories and we talked about keeping safe when watching fireworks and using real sparklers.

We have enjoyed playing in the Foundation Stage Shop and looking at money this week as part of the whole school Money week. We went shopping and investigated different coins.

Remembrance Day.

We talked about what the Poppy represents and we did some fruit printing to make our own big Poppy. Some of us made our own poppies to wear.

We have also enjoyed playing lots of team building games.

Autumn 2 – it’s going to be a busy one…

We hope you all had a lovely half term break and are feeling refreshed and ready for a busy half term. The children have settled in well and have had a great week. We started back with all things bright for ‘Be bright be seen’ day and have been learning about festivals and celebrations including Halloween, Diwali and Bonfire night.

We enjoyed making and decorating Diyas and learning a little bit about Diwali. 🪔

We enjoyed using the apparatus in PE

Working hard with our phonics and maths!

A super end to a great half term!

Wow! Half term already! The children have all settled into our routines and are enjoying all the different activities both inside and outside the classroom. Take a look below at another busy week…

We hope you all have a lovely half term break and can’t wait to have more fun with you when you come back!

We loved painting, experimenting and talking about the different colours in our colour wheels. We talked about warm and cold colours and what the different colours reminded us of. “Red is like hot fire”, “Midnight blue is like the night sky”.

We had great fun icing our pumpkin biscuits!

Exploring the school field!

Look how busy we have been…

Can you believe we only have 1 week left before half term. We have been having so much fun and learning new things the time has gone so quickly. Take a look below…

We have been finding our names around the classroom and practising recognising and writing it too.
We have been busy with different Phonics activities. All the children in FS1 and 2 have enjoyed different mark making activities this week. Can you spot what sounds the FS2’s have been learning about so far?

We enjoyed exploring the musical instruments earlier in the week and thinking about the different sounds they all make.

We have been busy outside the classroom too!

We made some hedgehogs for our woodland area!

We have been Dragon hunting!!!

We received an exciting letter on Thursday….

We wrapped up in our coats and wellies and went on a dragon hunt in the pond. We found lots of baby dragons (also known as newts!) and it was very exciting!!

All things Autumnal 🍂

Autumn has well and truly arrived in Foundation Stage. We have enjoyed lots of different Autumn themed activities this week.


For PE this week we explored the trim trail out on the school field.

It was a bit of a challenge but everyone showed great perseverance and had lots of fun!

Our busy week continued…

We are very excited to explore our Woodland area next week!

Another exciting and fun week in Foundation Stage…

It started with a very wet Monday but it was exciting watching the rain bounce down outside…

Rain rain go away!

When we have managed to get outside we have been looking at the nature around us and added things we have found to our nature wall.

We have also been looking at houses and homes this week. We have been making our own house collages, describing what our houses are like and lots of other fun things too. Take a look…

We have been doing lots of mark making…

We also had an exciting visitor this week!
He was spotted on Wednesday afternoon but then hid. He then came back out to say hello on Thursday morning!
We looked after him and took him into our eco garden and released him near the pond.

We have been very busy again this week, here are some more of the fun things we have been doing….

In PE this week we looked at the book ‘Can you move like an elephant?’ By Judy Hindley.

We explored moving like different animals and then put these movements to music, pretending we were in the jungle!

We enjoyed our nature walk to see some signs of Autumn. We talked about what we could see, smell, hear and feel!
We collected lots of nature for our activities next week!

We had fun and took turns making play dough in Autumn colours ready for next week!