Welcome to week 2. I hope you all had a great weekend and a good rest. You did lots of amazing work on Friday. Well done!

The children in school had a great time completing their activities.

Lots of great phonics work. I am so impressed!

Fantastic winter trees. I think you like getting messy!

And lots of other activities too: reading, phonics soup, winter walks and making bird feeders.

Week 2

For Foundation Stage 2, this week I will be adding a phonics activity, a maths activity, and another activity and next week I will add an English activity too. This follows what would be a typical day of learning in school for your child in addition to opportunities they would have to learn in the on going provision. Each session should last no more than 20 – 30 minutes. Please remember there is a selection of activities and there is no expectation that you complete them all. Whatever you choose to do, please spread the activities out giving your child a break and time to play in between.

For Foundation Stage 1, I will add a phonics activity and a maths activity each day. There will also be additional activities you can have a go at which will help with specific areas of learning. Again, there is no expectation to complete everything but please have a go at something every day if you can to help your child continue their learning experience.


Our first activity today is phonics and we have a new sound, ‘th’.

Have a go at Picnic on Pluto on Phonics Play. Phonics play is free to access throughout Lockdown. Log in using March 20 and Home.

The children are familiar with this game and love it when the alien makes ‘rude’ noises! Follow the link. Click start and then choose Phase 3, then click on today’s new sound +th. The game will then use a mix of sounds the children have learnt so far. Some of the words will be ‘fake’ words. It is really important that the children can blend both real and fake words and don’t try to make them ‘real’. The purpose is to blend the sounds together.



Now have a go at reading some sentences. Again click on the link and click start. Click next in the bottom right and click on today’s sound ‘th’. The sentences use the sounds and tricky words so far. It is important that the children can read sentences and understand that a sentence is a group of words. Talk about the capital letter at the beginning and the full stop at the end. Also talk about the finger spaces between the words. They also need to understand what a words is, it is made up of sounds. We also count the number of words in a sentence. This helps when they are writing as well.


Phonics play has lots of games to help practise phonics so feel free to explore.

Foundation Stage 1 have a look at the video below.

Why not make your own binoculars like Maddison and Felix then go for a hunt around the house looking for objects which have the same initial sound.

FS2 you could make binoculars and hunt for objects which have the ‘th’ sound. Happy hunting!


FS2 This week for maths we are going to look at videos from the Oak Academy, followed by some suggested activities. Please don’t feel you need to do everything but if you and your child feel you want to continue to practise the learning for the day the have a go at one or more.


FS1 Each week we will focus on a number.

Number of the week : 1 This week we will be learning all about the number 1. Watch this video to get started.


Why not play board games that need a dice (snakes and ladders, Ludo etc). Practise your careful counting each time it is your turn or play a counting game.


Health and Self Care

For our next activity, we are going to be thinking about how we keep ourselves clean. FS1, you can have a look at this too and talk about what you need to do. If you want to complete the activity, that’s great and don’t forget to share it with me. FS2, you could have a go at completing the activity and adding labels using your phonics.


Physical Development

It is really important for both FS1 and FS2 to develop their fine motor skills. Why not have a go at some fun activities to help.

I really do love to see what you have been doing so don’t forget to share it with me on either Evidence Me or the class email fsbrandesburton@gmail.com

Have a great day and remember to have fun!

Mrs Atkinson

Monday 11th January

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