Welcome to our first day of home learning. Today we begin with phonics. FS2 we have a new sound today, ‘ch’. This is a digraph, which means two letters (graphemes) which together make one sound (phoneme). Watch the video from Mr Mc to practise the sounds you already know and learn the new sound. I think you will enjoy joining in with the songs!

Have a go at writing the digraph ‘ch’ in different ways. You could write it in salt or flour. You could write it in mud using a stick. How many different ways can you find? You could write it using paint, felt tips or chalk. You could make ‘ch’ from playdough or create a big ‘ch’ and collage it. Play I spy. How many different things can you find beginning with ‘ch’. Can you write some of the words? You could write them in salt as Mr Mc did or choose one of the other ways mentioned above. Don’t forget to take a picture and send it to me so I can see your fantastic work and share it with the rest of the class.

Foundation Stage 1 can you help Zoe the Zookeeper? Perhaps you could send me a video of you naming the animals. I would love to see it and share it with your friends!

Our topic to begin this term is Winter. have a look at the video below to see what we might find in Winter.

I would like you to go for a Winter walk. Think about the clothes you need to wear. Talk about what you can see. Play I Spy. What can you see beginning with different sounds….. h, t, f……. ch? What can you see when you are out and about that tells us it is Winter? Could you take a photograph? When you get home choose a photograph you have taken or draw a picture of something you have seen.

Foundation Stage 2 children, can you add a label to your picture eg tree? Some of you may be able to write a caption eg bare tree or cold fence. Some of you will be able to write a sentence eg I can see frosty grass. Have a go at listening to the sounds in the words and write what you hear. Below I have added sound mats which may help you. Don’t forget to write your name on your work!

Foundation Stage 1, can you draw a picture of something you saw on your walk? Perhaps you can tell an adult what you have drawn so they can write a label or caption for you. Or you may want to send a picture of yourself on your Winter Walk. Can you have a go at writing some or all of your name on your picture?

Don’t forget to send what ever you do to me via the class email or Evidence Me. I can’t wait to see them and share what you have done with your friends!

Wednesday 6th January

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