Wow! What an amazing start to our Home Learning. I am incredibly proud of the effort you have put in at home. Below are some of the things you got up to. Please keep scrolling as today’s challenges are after all the pictures.

Well done for some great phonics work, winter walks and practising writing your names.

I was in school yesterday with children from Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. I was so impressed with how the children worked and played together! We had a great time. Look at some of the things we got up to, recreating Christopher Corr artwork, having a go at the Year 2 Lego Challenge, exploring the classroom and playing games, in addition to phonics, English and maths! Phew!

Today’s Challenges

Today our first task is maths. FS2, this week we are going to be thinking about counting, comparing numbers and introducing zero. Follow the link below to the White Rose Maths website and watch the video for session 1.

Then have a go at one or more of the following activities:

Watch Numberblocks: Zero

Below are some activity cards. Discuss the with your child. Where is zero? Count the other objects. How many are there? How do you know? Which are there less objects of? Which are there more of? How may less/more? How do you know? It’s really important that your child can talk about numbers, explain their thinking and compare numbers. Can they find a given number of objects around the house? Can they draw a picture of that number and then draw zero? Don’t forget to let me see what you have done.

FS1 When you are in the house or out for a walk, how many numbers can you find? Where are they? Can you take a photograph and send it to us? At home, have a look at packaging or in magazines. Can you find numbers, cut them out and make a number collage?

Don’t forget to send me some pictures of what you have done.

It is such a cold time of year that if we had been in school, you would have had some winter dens to explore. Mrs Laughton and I started to create some dens for you to explore and add to. Your additional challenge today is to build a winter den. This could be outdoors or indoors, you choose. Can you make it snug and cosy? Can you make it dark? What could you use to add to your den to create light or reflect light?

Who will you invite in? What will you do? You might just snuggle up with your teddies, you might take your favourite books to read or you might take some paper to draw or write messages.

Perhaps you could make some snowflakes to peg up in your den.

I think I might have a go at making my own cosy den and I can’t wait to see yours! Have fun making it.

FS2 why not have another look at Mr Mc introducing ‘ch’ and practise your letter sounds and names. Remember….. Reach for the Stars……

Mrs Atkinson

Thursday 7th January

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