Another long post below full of fantastic pictures and more – keep reading to the end! I hope you all enjoyed going ‘Into the Woods’ this week. There has been more amazing activities completed. Here is just a selection of your fab pictures and activities from this week (there was soooo many fab activities uploaded/emailed), can you spot yourself or your picture? At the bottom is a little Friday treat just for foundation stage 😊.

Foundation Stage Friday treat activities

Once you have collected your small nature objects see if you can make a nature smiley face to make us smile when it’s raining. Upload or send me any smiley faces and I will post a smiley nature collage picture to make us all smile on Sunday. Have fun.

A sneak peek at next week’s theme …

Don’t forget to keep practicing your phonics, reading and counting. Look back at previous FS blog posts for resources/helpful websites or email me if you need any support.
Have a fab weekend, Miss Mc 😊

What a wonderful ‘Into the Woods’ week 🌳

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