Good morning! Wow, you had a super first day back, well done. I can see that you are all keen and eager to be learning again which is fantastic! I am sure you now know that we will all be returning to school on Monday 8th March. That’s 14 sleeps! It seems a long time away but it will soon be here. Over the next two weeks we will be thinking about returning to school, what that will be like and how that makes us feel. Look out tomorrow for an activity to help us begin to think about this. Grown ups, I am here to help with that transition back in to school so if there is anything I can help with, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Phonics FS2 – New sound ‘ar’
Phonics FS1 – Alliteration
English FS2 – The Very Hungry Caterpillar animated film
Maths FS2 – Days of the week
Maths FS1 – Number of the week: Number 6
Knowledge and Understanding of the World: The World – Life cycle of a butterfly


FS2 So, now you have refreshed your memory and had a practice, today we are learning the new sound ‘ar’.

Remember to use phonics play to practise.

When using sentence substitution be careful to pick the sentences with only the sounds you have learnt so far.

Segmenting is as important as blending. Sat the words, count how many sounds you hear and then decide how to write the letters (graphemes) which represent those sounds. (Bar, car, card, jar, park, farm)

FS1 Today we are thinking again about alliteration. Remember to listen carefully for the same sound at the beginning of the words.

Why not make a sound box and play the same game as Felix? Or follow the link below to go to Phonics Play and play Super Smoothie.


Today I would like you to watch the animated film – The very Hungry Caterpillar and think about the following questions. Talk to a grown up about them.
Is the story the same?
What is different and what is the same?
Which do you like best, the film or the storybook. Can you tell a grown up why?
Did you like the music in the film? How did it make you feel?
What was your favourite part of the story?

Now I would like you to draw your favourite part of the story, this can be from the book or the film. I would like you to label your picture. Challenge yourself! Can you write a caption or a sentence to go with your picture?


FS2 Today we are going to be looking at the days of the week. It’s quite tricky remembering them in order so it might help you to think of different things you do on each day.

Today add days of the week to your calendar. You could add a picture to help you remember the day, for example if you go the park on a Tuesday, draw a picture of the park as well.

Today’s number activities for you to choose from if you wish.

FS1 Number of the week: Number 6. Have a look at this powerpoint to learn more about number 6.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World: The World

Out story this week tells us about the caterpillar who turns into a butterfly. I wonder if you can remember what happens to the egg we saw at the start of the story. Have a look at this episode of Maddie’s Do You Know?

Can you put the pictures of the butterfly’s life in the correct order? You can print the download and cut and stick the pictures in the correct order or just draw pictures in the correct order. Can you add labels to your diagram?

Enjoy your day and have fun!

Mrs Atkinson

Tuesday 23rd February

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