I hope youโ€™ve all enjoyed creative arts week. Itโ€™s been lovely to see so many different creations and artwork. Below is just a selection of your amazing activities from this week. Keep scrolling to the bottom to see todayโ€™s treat activities for foundation Stage.

Friday activities

Seeing as today is a bit of a rainy day I thought you might like some more indoor art activities. The link below has 10 all time favourite art activities – there really are some fun activities from salt painting to nature sun catchers to marble painting. Click on each activity or the website to find out more.

Hereโ€™s one your grown-ups may remember. This next activity will be too wet outside today so you could have a go inside or get planning your ideas and have a go over the weekend. Watch the video below to see a โ€˜big artโ€˜ creation from the art programme Art Attack, this was one of my favourite things to watch when I was younger. Why not watch some more Art Attack episodes and see what else you could create. Enjoy, have fun and have a lovely weekend.
Miss Mc

What a creative week ๐ŸŽจ

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