It’s Friday yay! Sorry another longer post today. Today’s activities at the bottom.

Just a reminder that today will be the last time I post activities on this blog. This FS blog will change to a Friday only blog post celebrating photos and activities of all that you have been busy with from the home learning blog at home and in school. Remember there may be a Friday FS treat so check back on here every Friday and don’t forget to still send me pictures of what you have been getting up to and the activities you complete. Upload to Evidence me or email them to the FS class email.

We have some great fun activities planned and there will be 3 activities posted each day by all of us teachers on the home learning blog. I can share with you that we are starting with ‘Under the Sea’ theme to link to world ocean day on Monday which I know you’re going to love. Why not take a sneaky peek at some of the things you could join in with as well as all the activities set on the blog. Type in Google

Now back to today’s activities

Remember to look back over the week’s activities to see if there’s anything you haven’t done that you would like to.

Activity 1 – The snail goes on an adventure and yesterday lots of you thought about where you would like to go if you were the snail. To go on an adventure you need to take a backpack with you. What would you pack into your backpack? It might be some of your favourite toys, some special things from home or you might even want to pack your family ?
Can you draw or write what you would take with you on your adventure? FS2’s you could do both. I have attached a template below if you wish to print or this can just be done on plain paper. Once you have done this why not have a go at actually packing a bag at home with some of your favourite things. If you want to take your family see if they will squeeze in your bag but be careful – they might not! ? Have fun packing.

Activity 2 – Have you ever held a snail? What did it feel like? How do they move? See if you can find any snails in your garden and look closely at it.
Can you label a snail? Below is a sheet to print if you wish or why not have a go at drawing your own snail to label. You could follow the instructions of ‘How to draw Super Snail’ below.
If you find a snail, with the help of an adult only you could very carefully hold one on your hand if you’re brave enough.

Fun activity for over the weekend – Snail trails can look a little slimy. Have you ever made slime? George and his family made some earlier this week – it’s so much fun to play with and it really isn’t too messy. It’s easy to make but you might need to see if you can get the ingredients to make it.

I have posted lots more activities below that I have found that you might like to have a go at if you want to print or use as ideas to copy. Remember you don’t have to they are there for ideas.
Have a great day and don’t forget to check back here later today to see lots of your fab photos and activities from this week. Miss Mc.

Good morning FS – Friday 5th June ??

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