I hope you enjoyed a bit more of the story yesterday. Wow – you have been so busy, have a look below at some of yesterday’s wonderful creations and more of what you have been busy with. More pirate telescopes, flags and some amazing pirate ships and boats to carry treasure – lots of boats were tested to see if they float – you’ve all done amazing! I am so proud of what you are creating and keeping busy with at home. Today’s activities are below so keep scrolling down.

Well done to Iris who used some of her own pirate books to find and write lots of rhyming words. Amazing pirate scene Libby – well done adding labels.

Pirate week ?‍☠️

I’m glad you are all enjoying the activities so far. Remember we are making and creating so we can get into full pirate character for our ‘Pirate day’ on Friday. So far you may have a telescope, a flag and a pirate ship.

There are 2 activities today, you could choose 1 or have a go at them.
Activity 1 – Can you make or design your own pirate hat? This could be a paper or card hat, could be a hat you already have with some accessories added or if you have any material or a scarf you could wrap around your head.

Activity 2 – Can you make your own pirate eye patch? Again this could be an adaption of something you already have or you could make a paper, card or material one.

Below are some ideas for both activities, templates and instructions for a hat if you would like to use them.

Phonics challenge – Can you think of a pirate name for yourself and a name for your pirate ship if you made one? What sound does your pirate name begin – tell your grown up. FS2’s Can you write a sentence telling me your pirate name and your ship’s name?

Purple Mash – I have set some more 2Do challenges. There is a tricky one – your grown up will need to help you a little. See if you can have a go.

Remember to send me pictures of your creations. There’s lots more pirate fun to come this week – on Friday we will all dress up with our pirate creations made and we’ll have some pirate fun. Have a great day – I will post some more pirate maths challenges at lunch time if you would like to have some maths fun this afternoon.

Good morning FS – Wednesday 29th April ?‍☠️⚔️

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