I hope you all had a lovely weekend. There was some fantastic Supertato work and activities completed last week – take a look back at the blog to see all your fantastic activities. You have also been busy on Purple Mash exploring some of the paint projects and well done to those that completed the 2Do veggie challenge.

Had to also share this from Kip – fab superhero to the rescue.
Matthew has been super brave with his first home haircut and Alfie has had a lovely busy weekend. When exploring ice Alfie said “it felt smooth and it was shiny.” He said “it was like glass.” Amazing vocabulary and descriptions Alfie.

This week we are going to have a ‘Pirates’ week ?‍☠️

To start today have a read and listen to the story ‘The Night Pirates’ but parents please only read/listen up to 1 minute 34 seconds on the video then pause and stop the video. I had wanted to read this to you all but all my books are at school in the classroom and unfortunately I can’t access them.

At the beginning of this story someone steals the front of Tom’s house. We find out that it’s PIRATES! Not only pirates but little girl pirates.
There are 2 activities today, you could complete both or just choose 1 to do.

Activity 1 – What do all pirates need to be able to keep a look out? A telescope ? of course. Can you make your own telescope? You could use a kitchen or toilet roll tube or paper or card rolled up.

Activity 2 – The pirates steal the front of Tom’s house. ? Can you draw the front of your house? Go outside find a comfortable seat in front of your house and see if you can draw it. What else can you see at the front of your house? Can you count the windows? The pipes? Anything that’s unusual?

FS1 tell a grown up what you can see and they can add labels to your picture. Can you see anything that begins with the ‘s’, ‘a’ or ‘t’ sounds?
FS2 Can you label your picture? Use your phonics to add labels. You could write a sentence to tell me about your house. What colour your front door is or how many windows are on the front of your house.

You could also take pictures on a tablet, iPad or phone and add your labels using the pic collage app.

Purple Mash
I will be setting different 2Do’s throughout this week so remember to check each day what the Purple Mash 2Do is. Today’s is designing your own pirate.

Have a great day – I look forward to seeing some of your activities later.

Good morning FS – Monday 27th April ??‍♀️

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