I hope you are all well. Thank you for the home observations so far, lovely to see what you have been busy with at home. Today is going to be bright and beautiful day and the sun is already shining.

Today’s challenge: is to get outdoors in your garden and enjoy the sunshine (wrap up – still a bit chilly). Can you mark make outdoors and create some artwork? This could be drawing your garden, your family in the garden, practice your name or numbers on the patio with chalk or water/paint brushes or can you find any shadows to try some shadow drawing?

I would love to see any mark making and art work you can create and see you enjoying time in the garden. Don’t forget to upload to: inbox@2buildaprofile.com (from your registered email) or email pictures to: fsbrandesburton@gmail.com

Good morning Foundation Stage – Wednesday 25th March?

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