Good morning FS – Wednesday 3rd June 🐌🐳

More amazing home learning from yesterday – take a look at a selection of your pictures and activities below. The activities posted today could be spread over the next few days, also don’t forget to have a look back at Monday and Tuesday’s activities.

Snail and the Whale week

Creative project activity

This activity could be planned/made/created over the next few days. Can you recreate the story in your own way? You could make some of the characters from the story, make a story scene, make a video retelling the story or make your own story map. It could be done outside or inside on paper or in a container. I have posted some pics below for some ideas. It could be as simple or as creative as you like. Have fun making.

Activity – What do snails live in? Can you guess? Watch the video below to find out.

Snails live in the shells they carry on their backs – that’s their house.

Perfect for a rainy day activity – Can you make a house or a den for you to live in and cosy up in today? Think about what you could use to make your house. You could use sheets, cushions, cardboard or chairs. How big will your house or den be? Will it just fit you or will you make it big enough for more? Can you mark make and make a picture or sign for the front of your house?
FS1’s can you write your name for the front of your house? FS2’s can you use your phonics to write some rules for going in your house? Remember to sound out carefully and use your phonics.
Grown ups I know it can be tricky as spellings will not always be right but using and applying their phonics is the best way to consolidate learnt sounds.

Maths time – Choose the activity that suits your child.

FS1’s – Can you sing along and count the whales? Can you show the numbers on your fingers as you sing? You could then play ‘Show me’. E.g. – Grown up says “Show me 3” can you show 3 fingers or go collect 3 objects from around your house.

FS2’s – Snail and friends odd and even. Have a go at the odd and even questions below.

You could use objects to represent who the snail meets and use plates or 2 piles to share the objects out to help you.

Extra for a rainy day – Below is a colouring activity if you can and wish to print or you could make your own simple snail and Whale colouring picture.

Lots of activities have been posted today and Monday and Tuesday, remember you can have a go at one of them or all of them. They are there for ideas.
Have a great day and have fun. Miss Mc

Below is some of your fantastic work from before the holidays and a few things you’ve been up to in half term. Make sure you check out Kip’s rain dance. There were some fantastic rain and worm dances sent in.

Kip and Nancy’s rain dance – password Rain.

Good morning FS – Tuesday 2nd June 🐌🐳

What a great start to another week of home learning. Below is a selection of your fantastic activities from yesterday and a few pictures of what else you have been busy with. I will post some more of your pictures later today. Long post below with activities for today.

Snail and the Whale week


Activity 1 – More mark making today. Can you make a pattern spiral? You could use a cotton bud or your fingerprint and paint or use colouring pens or pencils. See what different patterns you can make around your spiral. Grown ups it may be helpful if you could draw the spiral today. I have attached a couple below if you wish to use.

Activity – For this activity you will need to watch the story video again and keep looking through the different pages.

Grown ups – talk with your child about the dangers first before sharing some of the answers below – see what they can come up with.

Activity 2 – Talk to your grown up about the dangers the snail could have faced throughout the story. Can you make a list with your grown up of some of the dangers? E.g – the volcano – fire could have come out.
FS1’s – your grown up could write your list once you have talked about the dangers.
FS2’s – Use your phonics to help you write your list.
You could have a go at them all or see if you can list 3 possible dangers.

Maths – Why not have a go at some snail counting and addition challenges this afternoon.

FS1’s – You could have a go at counting the snails on each picture and have a go at writing or copying the number.
FS2’s – Can you write the addition number sentence? How many snails to start with, how many more come along ( + ) and how many altogether ( = ) ?
(You may need to zoom in to count).

Please remember these activities are just ideas, you could have a go at 1 or them or all of them. Most importantly have fun whilst doing them and enjoy the story again.
Have a great day, Miss Mc.

Good morning FS – Monday 1st June 🌞

Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sunshine. Today we should be in school starting our last half term before the summer holidays (FS2’s your last half term in foundation stage). I don’t know about you but I am gutted and sad this isn’t happening in the usual way. Over the next few weeks more children may begin to return to school and so will most of the teachers. Because of this, it would be tricky to keep each class blog going so this is the last week it will work like this and then we will be moving to a whole school approach next week.

I will post more details about this towards the end of the week so be sure to check the blog every day.

Now for this week’s home learning activities.
I hope you all enjoyed our minibeast worm week. This week we are moving on to a story about another minibeast and a slightly bigger animal too.
Watch and listen to the story below. Not read by me this week but keep checking the blog for a surprise later this week.

Activity – The Snail and the Whale week.

Activity 1 – Can you mark make and make your own snail spiral pattern. You can do this on paper, outside with chalk or water and a paintbrush or with your finger in the air. You will need to practice making this spiral pattern for tomorrow’s creative art activity. How many different spiral patterns can you make? Can you make small ones, big ones, colourful ones? I have attached some resources below if you want to use for ideas.

Activity 2 – Thinking about other patterns in nature, can you play ‘Guess the pattern‘? Look at the patterns below, talk to your grown up about each pattern and can you tell them what you think the pattern belongs to? It could be an animal, food or a nature object. FS1’s tell your grown up and they can write down the answers – can you tell your grown up what sound each answer begins with? You could have a go at writing or copying the first initial sound.
FS2’s use your phonics to make your own list of answers. I will reveal the answers later in the week.

Number patterns

This afternoon why not watch Numberblocks – pattern palace and have a go at writing some of your own number patterns.

Have a great day and have fun. Miss Mc.

Good morning FS – Friday 22nd May ☀️🐛🐞🐌🦋🐝😊

Can you believe it’s Friday again. What another fantastic week it’s been. You have been so busy with many home learning activities, learning new life skills, practising tricky things and having lots of fun in the sun. Very proud of everything you are achieving and keeping busy with at home Here’s a selection of pictures from yesterday. Warning long post below.

Minibeasts – Superworm week

Activity – My interesting worm information – I found out that there are World Worm Charming Championships, the contestants are given a small area of soil/grass and a time limit to encourage the most worms to come to the surface by doing a dance.

Activity 2 – Seeing as we had some rain this morning (hopefully the sun will shine later) and to have some Friday fun let’s get moving. Can you create your own worm dance? Think about your favourite music or tune you could use, you could even chant the Superworm chant while moving, what will you wear for your dance? Practise your dance then ask your grown up to film your performance. Why not get your family involved and joining in too. I would love to see some of your dances or actions so feel free to email me any and I will post on the blog. If the video is too large to email you can upload it onto Vimeo for free and send me the link. Feel free to email if you have any questions about this.

I have also attached below some minibeast actions and activity challenges you might like to have some fun with.

Great Science Share – Another dancing challenge you might enjoy is the Great Science Groove-along. Mrs Platten our Science co-ordinator has given us the opportunity to be part of The Great Science Share. It is a project asking as many children and families as possible to take part in the Groove-along. You need to watch the video which takes you through the simple dance steps needed to perform and how to film it. You can submit your video to be included as part of a national video montage.

You can find out more about it on the main National Share website here: There are also weekly themes you can take part in.

Activity 2 – This week we have been looking at lots of different minibeasts and you have thought about your favourite minibeast. Can you now ask your family what their favourite minibeast is? You could even ring/video call other family members grandparents etc and ask them too. Have a go at making a list with your grown up of your families favourite minibeasts. This could be done on plain paper, I have also attached some resources below if you wish to use or for ideas. You could use these minibeasts or make a list of your own by drawing your own.

Why not have a go at completing a minibeast bar graph. You could even create your own with the results you collect.

Take time today, over the weekend and through half term to have a go at any activities you haven’t yet done and would like to. I have also posted LOTS more resources below if you wish to use them or want any more ideas for your own activities. There is phonics, maths and colouring activities.

Ongoing – FS1’s keep practising and having fun with your letters, name writing, mark making and numbers.
FS2’s Please keep practising your phonics sounds, tricky words and reading. Take some time to look back over past blog posts which offer lots of website links and videos for phonics, reading and maths. Also remember to check the ideas on the first home learning letter that came home when school first closed. Feel free to email me if you need any more support or ideas.

Have a good day and a great half term. Have lots of fun. Take care and stay safe. Miss Mc x

Good morning FS – Thursday 21st May ☀️🐛🐞🐝🐜🐌🦋

What a beautiful (and very hot) day it was yesterday. It was lovely to see and hear of you enjoying the sunshine outdoors. Have a look at what you got up to – fab minibeast hunt pictures and fun in the sun.

Something happened to Libby’s worms overnight – let’s have a look. Password – worms2.

Minibeast week – Superworm

Why not start today with some Cosmic Kids Yoga all about bugs.


Activity 1 – It’s definitely another day to get outside in the sunshine today. Can you make a nature collage picture outside. Choose a minibeast – it could be one you found yesterday or make up your own and see what you can find around your garden or out on your walk to make your collage. You could also make your own picture collage. Make sure you ask your grown up before picking things for your college. There will be lots on the ground you could use leaves, twigs etc. If you can’t find much on the ground you could use chalk or objects in your garden. Below are some pictures if you need any ideas. Have fun with it and I look forward to seeing your collages.

Activity 2 – Think about where you saw the different minibeasts yesterday. If you haven’t been on your minibeast hunt you could do that today. Where do different minibeasts live? Can you make a list of where different minibeasts live? You could pick 3 minibeasts and tell your grown up where they might like to be – in the soil, on a flower, by a pond. This can be done on plain paper – I made a quick table your grown up could help you with or write for you. I have attached some resources below if you wish to use or for ideas. FS2 use your phonics to help you sound out.

Number activity

You could watch the story “I can only draw worms” by Will Mabbitt on You Tube.
Or watch step by step how to draw your own worm.
Number lines starting at different numbers.

Number time – Can you draw your own worm number line? You could do a 1-10 or a 1-20 number line (choose the activity that suits your child). You could start at different numbers and count on. Can you count backwards using your number line? I have attached some worms below you could use instead of drawing your own or your grown up could draw some for you.

I have also attached some Minibeast counting activities you might like to have a go at.

Please remember these activities and ideas are there if you would like them, you could choose 1 or have a go at a few.
Here is the picture of the worm I found yesterday – I actually think it was the real Superworm it was that long and looked super strong. I am saving my worm fact for you for tomorrow’s fun Friday activity.

Have a lovely day in the sun and enjoy the outdoors. Miss Mc

FS2 Reading – if you haven’t already check out Oxford Owl online ebooks. It’s free to sign up and they have a great selection of ebooks online. A good one for for today is ‘An Odd Bug’.

Good morning FS – Wednesday 20th May ☀️🐛☺️

Another fab day of home learning activities – Foundation Stage you are just wow’ing us. Here’s a selection of your fab activities from yesterday.

Minibeasts – Superworm week


Activity 1 – With the sun shining today let’s get outside. Can you go on a minibeast hunt? Head outdoors this could be in your garden or for a walk in the sunshine, what can you find? Remember to be really careful if you find any and look after them. Where do you think you’ll find different minibeasts? On the ground? The grass? The soil? In water? Can you record and write down what you find and how many? This could be a picture or a label with lines, dots or the number for how many. You can do this on plain paper or I have attached some resources below if you wish to use for ideas. What’s the biggest minibeast you can find and the smallest? How do you know it’s a minibeast? I am also going to head out and see what I can find. I would love to see pictures of what you find. Have fun.

Activity 2 – Did you find any minibeasts? Think about what you saw (if anything). What is a minibeast? Now choose your favourite minibeast and see if you can find out any facts or interesting information about that minibeast. You could copy some facts of the internet, tell me anything you already know or record one cool fact you found out. You could tell me what your favourite minibeast: can do, looks like or what it does. This could be on paper, your grown up could write it down for you or you could ask your grown up to record you saying your fact. I have attached some resources below if you want to use for any ideas.
FS2’s you could make a minibeast fact file with what you found out.

I have found out some funny facts about worms that I will share with you for tomorrow’s activity. Below are some great websites if you wish to use.

Minibeast counting

Have a sing and count along. How many different types of minibeasts can you see in the video?
FS2 challenge – After you’ve counted along, can you count in 10’s after each set of minibeasts?

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine. I look forward to seeing what you get busy with today. Miss Mc.

Good morning FS – Tuesday 19th May 🐛📏

What a fab start to the week. Some amazing worm lengths were sorted and you have wow’d me with your rhyming work. What superstars! 🌟 Here’s a selection from yesterday’s activities and today’s activities further down.

Minibeast Superworm week

Did you have a think about what happens next in the story? Shall we see if you were right? Here’s Max’s prediction followed by the 2nd part of the story (you could watch part 1 from yesterday again first then follow on with this one). Thomas knows the story well and retold in his own words.


Activity 1 – Talk together and tell your grown up any words you can think of (this is a good start to tomorrow’s activity). Can you think of 4 words to describe a worm? Your adult could write down your words, you could copy the words, video you saying the words or FS2 you could use your phonics to sound the words out (choose the activity to suit your child). You could even just practice your name or write some tricky words on worms. Below are some resources if you can and wish to print or use as ideas. Adults you could draw some worms for your child to mark make/write on. There are also some pencil control activities if you would like some ideas or can print.
FS2’s – Once you have your worm words, there is a worm poem attached below you could have a go at. Can you write 1 short sentence for each letter?

Here’s a worm I started on pic collage using a worm template if you wanted another idea.


Activity 2 – Can you make your own worms and worm patterns? You could use paint and string/wool like in the ideas above or you could make your own worm or worm pictures. You could make some play-doh and make play-doh worms (if you haven’t already), stuff a sock or some tights with paper or newspaper and make some eyes for it, draw wiggly worms with colours, chalk or water and paintbrushes outside or use string/wool and wrap it around a cut out worm shaped bit of cardboard. The picture below has more ideas if you wish to use them and I have attached an idea below if you can and wish to print or use for ideas.

Maths time – Measuring worms

Today’s maths comes from Libby, Iris and Matthew. One of yesterday’s activities was to make your own worm family. Lots of you used the worm length ordering activity, some of you made play-doh worms and lots of you drew your own worm family. If you haven’t yet you could do that today (some pictures from yesterday’s activities above if you need any ideas).
Today I want you to see if you can measure your worm family. You could do this in non-standard units using objects in the house to measure e.g. pasta, hair grips or paper clips OR you could use a ruler or measuring tape if you have one. Talk to your child about the numbers and see if they can measure how long each worm is. For example – “the longest worm is 10 pasta pieces long” “the shortest worm is 1 paper clip long” or see if your child can use the numbers on the ruler/measuring tape and talk about measuring in CM (centimetres) – “the longest worm is 16cm long”. Can you compare the numbers using more/less. Can you write the numbers of how long each worm is?
Watch Libby below talking about her worm family length sizes (password – worms). Well done Libby – this was tricky. I have also attached some more measuring ideas below if you would like any more ideas (Or if you have already measured).

Remember these are a selection of activities and ideas, you could have a go at 1 of them or all of them -today and throughout the week.

Have a great day and have fun, Miss Mc.

Good morning FS – Monday 18th May 😊

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here’s a few more pics from last week’s activities and a few from the weekend. Are you ready for another fab week?

Minibeast week Superworm

This week we are looking at the story ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. It’s a longer story so I am splitting the story into 2 parts. Enjoy part 1.

Monday moves – Can you wriggle like a worm? We would love to see your worm wriggling pictures.


Activity 1 – Superworm has lots of rhyming words throughout the story. Did you hear any? Can you tell your grown up any rhyming words you heard – you might need to listen to the story again. Can you copy any of the words that rhyme or tell your grown up and make a list together.
Can you make a list of words that rhyme with; cat, dog, pen ? FS2’s use your phonics to help write your list.
I have attached some resources below if you can and wish to print or use for ideas.

Activity 2 – Can you put the Superworm family into the correct size order? You could cut and stick the sheets attached below or draw your own different size worms. Can you label your worms with names or with family member names? Use your sounds and phonics to help you.

Extra Challenge – Listen to the story again – what do you think is going to happen next? Can you talk about the characters and what you think they might do. If you know the story can you tell your grown up if you remember what happens next?

Finally for today – Mrs Brompton has been getting creative and has made a lovely word art picture for everyone. You could have a go at making your own – you could draw and write your own with help if you need it or you could use an app with a grown up to make one. You could use your family member names or make one about your friends. There are lots of apps you can download for free on you phone, tablet or iPad – if you search: Word art.

Remember these ideas and activities are there if you would like to have a go. Have lots of fun whilst doing them and enjoy.
Have a great Monday, Miss Mc.