Home learning 🏠

Good Morning, Hope everyone is well. I will post any new educational links that I come across that may support home learning.
Please can I re-iterate that taking time out for playing in the garden, playing board games, baking, making reading dens and tent forts etc and having FUN will be just as important to your child’s well-being especially if social contact is going to be limited. I will be in touch through the class blog (keep checking and scrolling back as may be lots to look through) and will remain contactable on my school email stated on the home learning letter. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Many thanks and take care for now, Miss McIntyre x

Home Learning – Reading

Children can download free eBooks from the library, they just need a library membership and pin number, but it’s free to join and can be done online.

There’s lots of great children’s eBooks/eAudiobooks and some interesting magazines like National Geographic etc that may be of interest

Join the library here (click the online option) https://library.eastriding.gov.uk/web/arena/self-registration

For eBooks and eAudiobooks, download the Borrowbox App from Play Store/App Store – guidance here:Β https://www.eastridinglibraries.co.uk/libraries-online/ebook-instructions/

Other links to eBooks and stories online;






Science week experiments πŸ”¬

In Foundation Stage we are constantly exploring Science everywhere, from experimenting with floating and sinking to discovering minibeasts in our environment. However, as part of National Science Week on Friday afternoon FS2’s also carried two science experiments. We investigated ice balloons and sorted sweets in lots of different ways.

There was some fantastic scientific vocabulary used when the children were discussing how they could sort the sweets in different ways. “I’ve sorted them into hard sweets and soft sweets. “I’ve done them into squidgy and not squidgy.”

We all go travelling πŸš—πŸšŒπŸš’πŸš›πŸš²πŸšœπŸ›΄πŸπŸš‚βœˆοΈπŸ›Ά

It’s all things transport and vehicles in Foundation Stage. We have been enjoying exploring and investigating lots of different vehicles. We have read many stories linked to transport. FS1 compared two stories looking at similarities and differences. FS2 have been describing and writing about the vehicles in the story/song ‘We all go travelling by’. We are loving being creative using cars, trucks and paint. The East Yorkshire bus service 246 has also come to visit us and we are having fun riding on the bus.