Exploring the Polar regions ❄️

Not only did we have fake snow to explore with in our classroom, the real stuff arrived during our Polar Explorers theme. We had great fun and enjoyed getting wrapped up and playing in the little bit of snow that we had. We even had a go at writing our sounds in the snow before it melted.

Thank you for all the efforts with the Polar Party dress up day. The children all looked amazing and everyone had a fantastic day. We discussed all the different polar animals, made polar bear and penguin biscuits and had a penguin dance in the hall. We also got the chance to measure the size of penguins (actual size) and we compared our heights to the penguin heights.

Thank you for all the milk bottles collected – unfortunately project igloo failed 😕 the milk bottles just wouldn’t stick together. We are still collecting cardboard ready for our ‘Make and do’ morning on Thursday 14th Feb (see letter for details).


Polar Explorers

We have had a lovely start to the new term so far and the children have been enjoying exploring our new theme “Polar Explorers”.

In our role play area we are loving the igloo and explorers boat, we even have real oars that we have been rowing with. We have been investigating ice and thinking about and finding ways to melt it to ‘free’ the penguins.

Snow has arrived but just in our small world area and we are enjoying playing with the penguins in the snow. Today the penguins were swimming in the water beads and we have been exploring the different textures.


All things festive 🎄

It’s all things festive in Foundation Stage. The children have been enjoying Santa’s workshop and have been dressing up as Santa and the elves. They have been busy writing lists, wrapping presents and decorating the Christmas tree. Outside, the North Pole has arrived and the children have been exploring and investigating the frost and ice now that the temperature has dropped.

Last week was busy – the children were outstanding in their Christmas play ‘Wriggly Nativity’, we are all very proud of their performance. A huge thank you to all the parents for providing the costumes and clothing. We look forward to seeing the performance that was filmed which will be available to buy soon.

On Thursday afternoon the FS2’s enjoyed going to the church for the Christmas carol service. The children independently made their own Christingles and some of the children were able to show these off in the church.

We have a busy last 4 days this week with the pantomime on Tuesday, party day on Wednesday and finishing with carols around the tree on Thursday afternoon we hope to see you there. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year, I know the children (and staff) are certainly ready for a good rest.

We are so busy!

I hope you all had a lovely half term holiday, we’ve had a busy first week back.

It’s all things ‘People Who Help Us’ in Foundation Stage. Before the holidays the children enjoyed becoming doctors and nurses in the hospital and we were very lucky to have Doctor Cooper come in to talk to us and show us lots of equipment used by doctors. He then left some things for us to play with and use. We had great fun testing everything out.

This week we have enjoyed our new police station, being police officers and ‘putting’ people in jail. Outside we have enjoyed being fire fighters and using the fire hose.

On Thursday we talked about the poppies and why we were all wearing them. We watched a lovely short video that explained what we are remembering. We decorated biscuits, made collage poppies and today FS2 joined the whole school and parents for a special 2 minute silence.

Take a look at our pictures.

FS2 had a lovely end to the week on Friday afternoon by playing in the leaves – what fun we had!


Foundation Stage is go … Autumn term 2018

It is all go in Foundation Stage …

What a great start to the new term we have had! Our classroom is a busy place and the children have all settled well and are enjoying exploring the classroom and outdoor area.

This week we are enjoying our ‘Foundation Stage Campsite’ outside. We have been having ‘sleepovers’ in the tent and have been packing our camping bags.

Take a look at our Foundation Stage areas and what we have been busy with this week …

Growing and Moving on up

Once again time is flying and things are all go in Foundation Stage. We are now in our last half term before we break up for Summer and we have been thinking about ‘moving on up’. The FS1 children have been over to the hall and have been practising carrying the lunch trays and sitting at the tables. The FS2 children sneaked into Class 1 whilst they were out on their class trip. We enjoyed playing Phonics games, having our snack and discussing similarities and differences between our Foundation Stage areas and Class 1.

Our fruit and vegetables are growing and the children are enjoying looking after them well, watering them and observing the changes daily. The first few strawberries were ready on Monday and we all enjoyed tasting them during our snack time. The potatoes are growing rapidly and we are looking forward to tasting them soon.

Everything’s growing!

We have had a busy few weeks so far in Foundation Stage. We used some of the money raised at the fundraising morning to purchase the incubator and it’s doing a great job. We are observing our duck eggs everyday but nothing is happening yet – watch this space. All things are growing including some frogspawn that have arrived, again we are observing everyday and have been looking at life cycles of all of our animals in the classroom.

Outside things are beginning to grow and the children have started planting. So far we have been planting potatoes, sunflowers, cress, mustard and grass. We have talked about what plants and flowers need to grow and will be watering them all everyday and watching them grow.

The school’s 175th Celebrations

What a great start to the week of celebrations! The children looked fantastic today dressed up as someone significant from the past 175 years – we had Neil Armstrong to Madonna to the Queen. Think the adults enjoyed reminiscing as The Spice Girls a bit too much. Thank you to the fantastic effort everyone made. We are looking forward to continuing the celebrations this week.

Welcome back to the Summer term.

Welcome back to the Summer term, I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. The children have enjoyed talking and writing about what they have been doing in the holidays.

It’s going to be a very busy Summer term and we have already kicked off our new topic ‘Growing’ by welcoming some duck eggs. We have been observing the eggs in their incubator and have been talking about how we need to look after them. We will be looking closely at Plants and Animals and how they grow, and will be making many more observations in and around our environment.

Alongside our themes this term we will be doing lots of transition activities and will be thinking about where we are and where we’re going next.

Superhero Adventures is here!

I hope you all had a lovely half term. The children enjoyed telling each other what they have been up to in the holidays.

The children have come back to all things ‘Superheroes’ in Foundation Stage. We started on Monday with the story of ‘Supertato’. Already we have been cleaning potatoes ready to make our own ‘Supertatoes’ and have been dressing up and becoming superheroes.

This week FS1 have been looking at 2D shapes and went on a shape hunt. FS2 have been investigating 3D shapes – we even have some superhero 3D shapes. The children have been enjoying making up their own super stories and some children have been writing their own superhero stories.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Happy New Year!

Welcome back and Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are ready for the new year ahead.

In Foundation Stage this week we have been thinking about our ‘Hopes and Dreams’ for this year and have been busy working on our new display. The children have been talking about and writing what they would like to achieve this year at school or at home. They have each added a leaf to our ‘Watch me grow’ tree. Come and see what we hope to achieve this year.

The newsletter will go home this week please check your newsletter for updates about this term. Finally feel free to come and look at our window display of photographs to see what we have been busy with in Foundation Stage.