The children have thoroughly enjoyed our superheroes week. We have had some great discussions about different superheroes and the qualities needed to be a superhero. The children enjoyed creating our Superhero Headquarters and even made signs for it.

On Friday we learned about Children in Need and why we were dressed in our normal clothes to raise money.

FS2 went on a shape hunt around the classroom, then enjoyed colouring some shape pictures.
FS1 are trying really hard with the start of their handwriting practise!

Our amazing superhero writing!

FS2 RWI home learning

This week some of us have moved on to Set 2 sounds and have learnt ‘ay’, ‘ee’ and ‘igh’. Some of us have worked on previous Set 1 sounds to ensure we are retaining taught sounds. Please ask your child what sounds they have done this week (you may need to look back at the sound links on previous blog posts to recap previous sounds).

Below the Set 2 sounds video link there is also a spelling video link to have a try at spelling some words at home. This is how we teach the spelling in class.

ay –

ay – spelling activity –

ee –

ee spelling activity –

igh –

igh – spelling activity –

Set 1 Blending sounds together to read words.
Have a go at reading some words at home. These are words similar to those in the home reading books.

Set 1 word time reading lesson 2 –

Superheroes and Children in Need

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