It started with a very wet Monday but it was exciting watching the rain bounce down outside…

Rain rain go away!

When we have managed to get outside we have been looking at the nature around us and added things we have found to our nature wall.

We have also been looking at houses and homes this week. We have been making our own house collages, describing what our houses are like and lots of other fun things too. Take a look…

We have been doing lots of mark making…

We also had an exciting visitor this week!
He was spotted on Wednesday afternoon but then hid. He then came back out to say hello on Thursday morning!
We looked after him and took him into our eco garden and released him near the pond.

We have been very busy again this week, here are some more of the fun things we have been doing….

In PE this week we looked at the book ‘Can you move like an elephant?’ By Judy Hindley.

We explored moving like different animals and then put these movements to music, pretending we were in the jungle!

We enjoyed our nature walk to see some signs of Autumn. We talked about what we could see, smell, hear and feel!
We collected lots of nature for our activities next week!

We had fun and took turns making play dough in Autumn colours ready for next week!

Another exciting and fun week in Foundation Stage…

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