The first full half term since the autumn! Wow, it has been brilliant! The children have been curious, enthusiastic and eager to learn. They have grown in confidence and without a doubt made so much progress in so many areas. They have thoroughly enjoyed our Under The Sea theme and worked and played together in lots of different ways. We made fish for our Rainbow Fish display and enjoyed listening to and creating ocean themed stories. FS2 have been busy adding, subtracting, investigating patterns, learning and applying new phonics sounds and even practising writing sentences! FS1 have been learning and investigating new sounds and numbers in lots of different ways, they have enjoyed going in to the hall and joining some of our Special Mention assemblies on a Friday morning. Their listening skills and confidence have really grown. All of the children are continuing to develop their abilities to work as a team and play together, taking into account each others’ wants and point of view. We were very fortunate to be able to watch the progress of caterpillars turning into butterflies and given the privilege of releasing the butterflies! So exciting! Below are just a few pictures showing what the children have been doing.

A huge THANK YOU to all who contributed to our sponsored activity which raised a whopping £745. We have used this to enhance our outdoor learning experience. Some of the money went towards our renovation project and we have purchased outdoor games; snakes and ladders, jenga and dominoes, a mark making trolley, created a dinosaur area and a huge sandpit, among other things. The children will benefit enormously.

Thank you also to the parents who helped paint our sheds which have really brightened up the area and to Mr Todd, our caretaker for making our sand pit and doing numerous other jobs to help.

The Foundation Stage team are looking forward to the next half term when our theme will be Animals. Thank you for all your continued support this half term. Have a wonderful break and enjoy spending time together. It looks as though the weather will be kind to us at last!

The FS Team

What a half term!

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