Well done everyone, another great day of work yesterday. Today’s activities are as follows:

Phonics FS2 – New sound ‘ur’
Phonics FS1 – Rhythm and rhyme
English FS2 – Retelling the story
Maths FS2 – Sequencing and comparing short measures of time
Maths FS1 – Number of the week: Number 6
Knowledge and Understanding of the World: The World – Life Cycles


FS2 Today we have a new sound ‘ur’.

Remember to practise all of your sounds (phonemes) and recognising the written letters (graphemes) then using them to blend.




Using the word lists below, write a sentence using the sounds you have learnt this week.

FS1 Watch Maddison and Felix explore rhythm and rhyme.

Now have a go at making silly soup with objects that rhyme. Try Cake bake on Phonics Play.


You could try to thread these rhyming cards.


Continue with making your video retelling of The Very Hungry caterpillar.


FS2 Today we are going to practise using first, next and then to put things we do in the right order. Then we are going to compare how long it takes for us to do things. Which is quickest and which takes a longer time?


Have a look at the actions below. Which can you do in one second? One minute? On hour? Talk about what each is first and use a clock or stopwatch to see how long each lasts. Have a go at estimating how long you think it will take before you begin. Were you correct?

Remember to continue thinking about number as well this week. you might try one of the following activities:

FS1 Ask a grown up to help you make your very own dice! Can you draw the correct number of spots on each side? There are templates available on Twinkl if required.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World: The World

Earlier in the week you thought about the life cycle of a butterfly. In Spring we see lots of new life and changes as the young animals grow into adults. Watch this video to find out about the life cycles of other animals.


Or you might want to make your own caterpillar.

I can’t wait to see your great efforts.

Mrs Atkinson

Thursday 25th February

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