What a great week again. Well done everyone, you have made it to the last day! Thank you all for your hard work. Grown ups, thank you for all your hard work too and all the support you are giving! Below is a final round up of what you have been doing for this half term. I will share any photographs received after posting this and from today, the first day back.

Today we finish the week with the following activities:

Phonics FS2 – Practising new sounds from last week
Phonics FS1 – Rhyming
English FS2 – Goldilocks and the Three Bears – write sentences about the setting
Maths FS2 – Recap subtraction
Maths FS1 – Number of the week: Number 5 – Numberblocks
Fun Friday!


FS2 For the final time this week, here is the alphabet song. Don’t forget to practise recognising all of your sounds by using phonics play, flashcards, splat or however you like to do it.


Don’t forget your letter formation practise. Today we have a new ‘family’ of letters to practise.

We finish the week with the ‘oo’ phoneme.


Can you spot the 2 different sounds the digraph ‘oo’ makes?

Cut out the cards, mix them up and put them back together to make sentences or just read them and match them up to make silly sentences.

FS1 Watch the video and have a go at the rhyming game.


Now you have thought about the setting in the story, drawn a picture and written labels, today’s task is to write sentences to describe the setting.



FS2 We will finish the week with a recap of subtraction.


Have a look at the fist, then, now stories and see if you can completed them. There are some different ones in the download if you want to try some more.


FS1 Number of the Week: Number 5. Learn about 5 with the number blocks.


Fun Friday

To finish the week i would like you to wrap up warm and get outside in the fresh air. Here are two scavenger hunts to choose from.

We have some birthday celebrations during half term. If it is your birthday, have a fabulous time.

Everyone, have a great week and enjoy the break and that means grown ups too! Stay safe, look after each other and enjoy spending time together.

Mrs Atkinson

Friday 12th February

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