Another brilliant day yesterday, well done. We continued to enjoy the snow in school and I know lots of you did at home too. More pictures of snow fun tomorrow.

Today we have the following activities:
Phonics FS2 – Practising new sounds from last week
Phonics FS1 – Rhyming
English FS2 – Goldilocks and the Three Bears – draw and label the setting
Maths FS2 – Number bonds to 10
Maths FS1 – Number of the week: Number 5
Expressive Arts and Design – Exploring media and materials – A choice of activities


FS2 I am sure you know the song by now but here it is again to help you practise. Don’t forget to practise recognising all of your sounds by using phonics play, flashcards, splat or however you like to do it.

Don’t forget your letter formation practise.

The phonemes we are focusing on today are, ‘igh’ and ‘oa’.

FS1 Play an odd one out rhyming game. Ask an adult to make a collection of pictures/objects. You then have to identify the odd one out. Maybe they could be buried in your sand pit? Or scoop them out the washing up bowl or bath with a sieve? Or maybe even hidden around your home!


After thinking about the setting yesterday. Your task today is to draw and label the setting.


FS2 Number bonds to 10 are today’s skill to practise.

FS1 Number of the Week: Number 5. Use a construction toy (Lego, Duplo, wooden bricks etc) to make towers of 5. Or you could put your favourite toys into groups of 5 – 5 teddies, 5 cars, 5 crayons.

Expressive Arts and Design: Media and materials

There is a choice of activities this afternoon. Choose which you would like to do; repair Baby Bear’s chair, design bowls for the bears or design a delicious tasting porridge.

With an adults help, why not have a go at repairing the chair that Goldilocks broke.

Make the Three Bears’ bowls.

Make some porridge. What could you add to make it more tasty? Or healthy? Sometimes I like to add strawberries and blueberries to my porridge. I also really like peanut butter and banana! What would you add to yours?

Have a fab day!

Mrs Atkinson

Thursday 11th February

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