Another great snow day yesterday! I was really pleased to see that many of you got wrapped up and went out to enjoy yourselves. Here are a few more photos of what you got up to.

Even with all the snow, you are all working so hard and are having another fantastic week so far. Well done everyone for continuing with the hard work. Be prepared, there really are so many photos of what you have been doing. They show fantastic phonics, great Goldilocks and the Three Bears work, handwriting practice, so much amazing maths and number work, super mark making and so many other things you have done! I am so proud of you all.

Today we have the following activities.

Phonics FS2 – Practising new sounds from last week
Phonics FS1 – Rhyming
English FS2 – Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Settings
Maths FS2 – Number facts for 7
Maths FS1 – Number of the week: Number 5
Personal, social and emotional development: Wellbeing Wednesday – Grow a Rainbow


FS2 Today we begin with the alphabet song again. Don’t forget to practise recognising all of your sounds by using phonics play, flashcards, splat or however you like to do it.

Don’t forget your letter formation practise. Today we have a new ‘family’ of letters.

Today we are recapping the phonemes (sounds) ‘ai’ and ‘ee’

Can you spot the phonemes in the story? Remember you can read one picture at a time or read with an adult taking it in turns.

FS1 Can you spot the rhyming words in the story?

Play with rhythm sticks. Use sticks from the garden, wooden spoons, lolly sticks, chop sticks or even just your hands. Use your sticks to tap out the syllables in words. For example, tap out your names – Mrs Atkinson would have 5 taps. Make a collection of objects with varying number of syllables (cup, teddy, dinosaur). Each .person then has to tap out the word as they say it (one tap per syllable). You can also use your rhythm sticks to tap along to your favourite songs.


We are going to think about the setting in the story today. This means, the place where the story happens. In this story it is the woods and the bears’ cottage.


FS2 Today, we are thinking about number facts making the number 7.

FS1 Number of the Week: Number 5. Play the interactive game Teddy Numbers, to help practise your numbers up to 5 (or beyond if you can).

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Well Being Wednesday

This is a really nice activity and fun to watch as the rainbow grows.

Have another fantastic day.

Mrs Atkinson

Wednesday 10th February

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