I can’t believe we have come to the end of another week already! Your tasks today are:

Phonics FS2 – Tricky words
Phonics FS1 – Bath time
English – Three Little Pigs – writing sentences
Maths FS2 – Lots of practice
Maths FS1 – Number 3 Numberblocks
Fun Friday – Winter scavenger hunt

FS2 Next week we will have a phonics consolidation week again, giving you time to practise and become more confident with your new sounds. I have put together a pack to help you to do this. Some of the activities included are the ones which will be posted on the blog. The packs will be ready for collection from School Reception on Monday.

You have been so busy practising your phonics in so many different ways this week. We had some great Three Little Pigs story maps and you showed me how great you are at knowing how many there are without having to count and making numbers in different ways. You also did some many other amazing things including building and testing the Three Little Pigs houses, painting, using dough, having picnics, counting and so much more! There are lots, and I mean LOTS of pictures to look at.


FS2 It’s tricky word time again!

Follow the link to the tricky words trucks. How quickly can you read them? Click start and then phase 3. Let me know how you do.


Did you find some difficult? Follow the link to Train your Brain to help you learn them.

Now have a go at reading sentences. Again click on the link and click start. Click next in the bottom right and go to week 5. Click on the Tricky words to practise sentences including tricky words.


Have a go at writing a sentence which includes tricky words and words containing one or more of your sounds from this week; igh, oa, oo (short) and oo (long).

FS1 Bath time fun! Before your bath, choose some items that your grown up tells you are ok to take in the bath. Examples would be
You will also need a sieve. Take it in turns to tell the other person to ‘Go fish for a c-u-p’ and they must scoop the correct item out with the sieve. This could also be played in a paddling pool or in a bowl or bucket of water.


Today, I would like you to use your story map to write a sentence about each part of the story. Watch the video which will help you to do this.



FS2 Today, just pick an activity or two and practise some of the things you have been doing over the last couple of weeks.

This fun video looks at counting within 20.




FS1 Learn about 3 with the number blocks


Fun Friday!

Last week you did an indoor scavenger hunt. This week I would like you to wrap up, put your wellies on and get outside for an outdoor scavenger hunt.

Have a fabulous day and a wonderful weekend. Take care.

Mrs Atkinson

Friday 29th January

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