Great work again yesterday Foundation Stage! You keep amazing me with how much you are doing and I love seeing the big smiles as you are completing your activities. Today we have the following:
Phonics FS2 – new sound ‘oo’ as in moon
Phonics FS1 – A trip to the farm
English – Three Little Pigs – thinking about feelings
Maths FS2 – Making numbers in different ways
Maths FS1 – making 3 with playdough
Knowledge and Understanding of the World – The ‘Puff Test’


FS2 Today’s sound is ‘oo’ as in moon or boot.

Choose the game you want to play to practise blending. You can play Buried Treasure, Picnic on Pluto or Dragons Den Can you beat your score? Click on the link and choose your game. Click start and then choose Phase 3, then click on today’s new sound +oo.

Have a go at writing some ‘oo’ words. Children look away now…… Answers – zoo, tool, moo, moon, boot, tooth

Now practise reading your new sound ‘oo’ in sentences. Again click on the link and click start. Click next in the bottom right and click on today’s sound ‘oo’.

FS1 Have a trip to the farm! You could use toy animals, photos, cards from a game you already have or maybe even draw your own! Good ones would be
Take it in turns to say ‘I went to the farm and I saw a p-i-g and the other person has to find the animal you are saying.


Today we think about how the characters were feeling to help us retell the story.


FS2 Well done for practising recognising quantities without having to count them. Don’t forget to keep doing this, along with counting on and back. Today, we are going to think about how we can make numbers in different ways. Again this is a crucial early skill which supports later mathematical concepts.
Grown ups – we start to introduce the idea of part, part, whole. The whole can be made up of different parts for example, 4 can be made up of 2 and 2, it can also be made up of 3 and 1, but it can also be made up of 1 and 1 and 1 and 1. Today the children need to explore how many ways different numbers can be made. Obviously as the numbers get bigger, there are more ways it can be made. Watch and see if your child’s thinking is systematic in any way which helps them to find all the different options. Don’t worry if it isn’t, just let them explore.
Children – today you will need number cards, 1-5 or 1-10 and some counters, blocks, buttons or something to count with. Turn over a number cards and see how many different ways you can make that number, just like the numberblocks did. You might want to record the different ways. You choose how to do that. You might use pictures or digits, it’s up to you.

FS1 Use playdough to make 3 balls. Now squash one of them! How many do you have now? What about if you squash another? Can you make it so you have 3 again?

Knowledge and Understanding of the World: The World

Earlier in the week you had a go at building the Three Little Pigs houses and testing to see which was the stongest. Today I want you to have a look at other materials and see which can stand the ‘Puff Test’.

Whatever you do today, remember to do it with a smile and enjoy it. I can’t wait to hear about it!

Mrs Atkinson

Thursday 28th January

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