Happy Thursday everyone. Well, I posted this video yesterday tea time after looking at lots of your work. When I went to update the photographs later, I couldn’t believe how many more had come through. What a lot of amazing things you did yesterday! Well done to you all and a huge thank you to Mums, Dads, Grannys, Grandads and whoever else has helped you with your activities!


FS2 your new sound today is ‘ee’.

Today choose the game you want to play to practise blending. You can play Buried Treasure, Picnic on Pluto or Dragons Den or you could even play all 3! Can you beat your score? Click on the link and choose your game. Click start and then choose Phase 3, then click on today’s new sound +ee.



Now practise reading your new sound ‘ee’ in sentences. Again click on the link and click start. Click next in the bottom right and click on today’s sound ‘ee’.


Below are lists of words using this weeks new sounds. Ask an adult (or big brother or sister) to read some words to you and have a go at writing them. Remember to listen carefully for the sounds. It may help if they say the word like a robot to begin with b-a-ng, f-ai-l. Try counting the sounds that you hear in the words. n-ai-l = 3 sounds(phonemes). Try adding sound buttons and sound sausages.

It is really important to talk about words and sounds as shown above. Also talk about where in the word digraphs are found. Some will have patterns eg at the beginning or end of words usually.

Now pick a word. Can you write a sentence with this word in it? Don’t worry about getting sounds correct if you haven’t learnt them yet, just listen and have a go. Try to remember how to write the sounds you have learnt.

FS1 Make your own alien or monster. You could draw it, make it from playdough, paint it, use junk modelling – anything! Now the fun part is to think of it’s name! It can be made up and again, very silly but it must start with the same sounds. For example; Ziggy Zoggy Zoo or Timmy Tommy Tee!


FS2 Today in maths we will be placing numbers within 10 in order. Try to pay particular attention to the language used in these videos and encourage your child to use the correct vocabulary when talking about their maths.



Fill in the missing numbers.

Here are some reminders of the key concepts within counting, ordering and comparing.

Some of you may complete this activity quickly and want something more challenging. Often the challenge in FS2 comes through talking and explaining rather than bigger numbers. If you are ready for this, have a look at the following activity.

Below is further information to support developing your child’s mathematical thinking.

FS1 maths. Remember the number of the week: 1. Practise writing the number 1. Use pencils, pens, chalk or paint or even make it out of playdough! You could try some of the following ideas to make your mark making more fun.

FS2 You could try some of these different ways when you are doing your phonics and writing to make it extra fun!

Knowledge and Understanding of the World: The World

We have been thinking about Winter and over the last week it has been very cold and we have had quite a bit of frost and seen quite a bit of ice outdoors. The following video thinks about Winter and explores hot and cold. It finishes with an experiment using ice cubes.


You might want to have a go at another experiment.

Or make an ice picture.

Thursday 14th January

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