What a great start to the week! Well done everyone. You worked so hard completing maths, phonics, thinking about keeping clean, making binoculars and lots more!


FS2 Today our new sound is ‘ng’

I hope you enjoyed the Picnic on Pluto game on Phonics Play. Have another go today. Follow the link. Click start and then choose Phase 3, then click on today’s new sound +ng.



Now have a go at reading some sentences. Again click on the link and click start. Click next in the bottom right and click on today’s sound ‘ng’.


Remember there is no need to print this, you can simply point out the correct picture to match a word. Ask an adult (or big brother or sister) to check. Then have a go at writing labels for the other pictures. Remember to listen carefully to the sounds in the words.

FS1 Watch this video

Can you sing along?! It’s tricky isn’t it? What do you notice about the sounds in the words you are saying? Can you think of any other words that start with ‘p’? Have a look around your house and garden to see what you can find. Perhaps you could even put on your favourite song and make your own song and dance with lots of ‘p’ sounds!

Have a go at Super Smoothie on Phonics Play. Phonics play is free to access throughout Lockdown. Log in using jan21 and home.



FS2 today in maths we are exploring one more within 10.


Using digit cards 1-20 or 1-10, whichever is appropriate for your child, have a go at the following game.

Or try one of the following activities.

FS1 Remember the number of the week this week is number 1. Why not watch the video again.


Have a toy picnic. Give each toy 1 plate, 1 cup, 1 spoon maybe even 1 bun!


Expressive Arts: Music

Watch the video and join in with the songs. Let me know if you enjoy this and what your favourite part is.


Physical Development

Why not have a go at one of the activities posted yesterday. You could try a different one today.

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Remember to keep sending in those photos and videos.

Enjoy your day and have fun.

Mrs Atkinson

Tuesday 12th January

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