I hope you all enjoyed ‘National Picnic Week’ and have got out for a picnic in the beautiful sunshine. There has been so many fantastic activities completed again. Here is just a selection of your fab pictures and activities from this week, see if you can spot yourself or the activities you did.
Remember to scroll down to the bottom where there is a little Friday treat just for foundation stage ?.

Some Friday fun for foundation Stage …

A few activities to choose from today. Remember you could have a go at one of them or a few but have fun.

Today I thought it would be fun to make daisy chains, hopefully it’s going to be a little cooler today. Have a hunt in your garden or if you go for a walk and see if you can find any daisies, collect as many as you can. Watch the video below carefully to see what to do. You may need to ask an adult to help you.

Another activity you might like to do today is design your very own picnic. When things get back to normal and we can see everyone we would like to; who would you most like to go on a picnic with?

Can you draw a picture of who you would take on your picnic, it could be your friends or family. You could draw this on plain paper or I have attached a picnic blanket if you are able to print. You could just take pictures of a picnic you might be going on at the weekend. You could also write an invitation to invite who you choose on your picnic. I have set a Purple Mash to do picnic invitation if you wish to have a go.
I have also attached some fun picnic activities if you wish to have a go today or over the weekend. Remember these are just ideas if you would like them.

Now here’s a little to treat to chill with this afternoon, enjoy and have a lovely weekend. Also, enjoy anymore picnics you might go on. Miss Mc

Fantastic picnic week ? we’ve certainly had the ☀ for it ?

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