More amazing home learning from yesterday – take a look at a selection of your pictures and activities below. The activities posted today could be spread over the next few days, also don’t forget to have a look back at Monday and Tuesday’s activities.

Snail and the Whale week

Creative project activity

This activity could be planned/made/created over the next few days. Can you recreate the story in your own way? You could make some of the characters from the story, make a story scene, make a video retelling the story or make your own story map. It could be done outside or inside on paper or in a container. I have posted some pics below for some ideas. It could be as simple or as creative as you like. Have fun making.

Activity – What do snails live in? Can you guess? Watch the video below to find out.

Snails live in the shells they carry on their backs – that’s their house.

Perfect for a rainy day activity – Can you make a house or a den for you to live in and cosy up in today? Think about what you could use to make your house. You could use sheets, cushions, cardboard or chairs. How big will your house or den be? Will it just fit you or will you make it big enough for more? Can you mark make and make a picture or sign for the front of your house?
FS1’s can you write your name for the front of your house? FS2’s can you use your phonics to write some rules for going in your house? Remember to sound out carefully and use your phonics.
Grown ups I know it can be tricky as spellings will not always be right but using and applying their phonics is the best way to consolidate learnt sounds.

Maths time – Choose the activity that suits your child.

FS1’s – Can you sing along and count the whales? Can you show the numbers on your fingers as you sing? You could then play ‘Show me’. E.g. – Grown up says “Show me 3” can you show 3 fingers or go collect 3 objects from around your house.

FS2’s – Snail and friends odd and even. Have a go at the odd and even questions below.

You could use objects to represent who the snail meets and use plates or 2 piles to share the objects out to help you.

Extra for a rainy day – Below is a colouring activity if you can and wish to print or you could make your own simple snail and Whale colouring picture.

Lots of activities have been posted today and Monday and Tuesday, remember you can have a go at one of them or all of them. They are there for ideas.
Have a great day and have fun. Miss Mc

Good morning FS – Wednesday 3rd June ??

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