Can you believe it’s Friday again. What another fantastic week it’s been. You have been so busy with many home learning activities, learning new life skills, practising tricky things and having lots of fun in the sun. Very proud of everything you are achieving and keeping busy with at home Here’s a selection of pictures from yesterday. Warning long post below.

Minibeasts – Superworm week

Activity – My interesting worm information – I found out that there are World Worm Charming Championships, the contestants are given a small area of soil/grass and a time limit to encourage the most worms to come to the surface by doing a dance.

Activity 2 – Seeing as we had some rain this morning (hopefully the sun will shine later) and to have some Friday fun let’s get moving. Can you create your own worm dance? Think about your favourite music or tune you could use, you could even chant the Superworm chant while moving, what will you wear for your dance? Practise your dance then ask your grown up to film your performance. Why not get your family involved and joining in too. I would love to see some of your dances or actions so feel free to email me any and I will post on the blog. If the video is too large to email you can upload it onto Vimeo for free and send me the link. Feel free to email if you have any questions about this.

I have also attached below some minibeast actions and activity challenges you might like to have some fun with.

Great Science Share – Another dancing challenge you might enjoy is the Great Science Groove-along. Mrs Platten our Science co-ordinator has given us the opportunity to be part of The Great Science Share. It is a project asking as many children and families as possible to take part in the Groove-along. You need to watch the video which takes you through the simple dance steps needed to perform and how to film it. You can submit your video to be included as part of a national video montage.

You can find out more about it on the main National Share website here: There are also weekly themes you can take part in.

Activity 2 – This week we have been looking at lots of different minibeasts and you have thought about your favourite minibeast. Can you now ask your family what their favourite minibeast is? You could even ring/video call other family members grandparents etc and ask them too. Have a go at making a list with your grown up of your families favourite minibeasts. This could be done on plain paper, I have also attached some resources below if you wish to use or for ideas. You could use these minibeasts or make a list of your own by drawing your own.

Why not have a go at completing a minibeast bar graph. You could even create your own with the results you collect.

Take time today, over the weekend and through half term to have a go at any activities you haven’t yet done and would like to. I have also posted LOTS more resources below if you wish to use them or want any more ideas for your own activities. There is phonics, maths and colouring activities.

Ongoing – FS1’s keep practising and having fun with your letters, name writing, mark making and numbers.
FS2’s Please keep practising your phonics sounds, tricky words and reading. Take some time to look back over past blog posts which offer lots of website links and videos for phonics, reading and maths. Also remember to check the ideas on the first home learning letter that came home when school first closed. Feel free to email me if you need any more support or ideas.

Have a good day and a great half term. Have lots of fun. Take care and stay safe. Miss Mc x

Good morning FS – Friday 22nd May ☀️??????

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