What a beautiful (and very hot) day it was yesterday. It was lovely to see and hear of you enjoying the sunshine outdoors. Have a look at what you got up to – fab minibeast hunt pictures and fun in the sun.

Something happened to Libby’s worms overnight – let’s have a look. Password – worms2.

Minibeast week – Superworm

Why not start today with some Cosmic Kids Yoga all about bugs.


Activity 1 – It’s definitely another day to get outside in the sunshine today. Can you make a nature collage picture outside. Choose a minibeast – it could be one you found yesterday or make up your own and see what you can find around your garden or out on your walk to make your collage. You could also make your own picture collage. Make sure you ask your grown up before picking things for your college. There will be lots on the ground you could use leaves, twigs etc. If you can’t find much on the ground you could use chalk or objects in your garden. Below are some pictures if you need any ideas. Have fun with it and I look forward to seeing your collages.

Activity 2 – Think about where you saw the different minibeasts yesterday. If you haven’t been on your minibeast hunt you could do that today. Where do different minibeasts live? Can you make a list of where different minibeasts live? You could pick 3 minibeasts and tell your grown up where they might like to be – in the soil, on a flower, by a pond. This can be done on plain paper – I made a quick table your grown up could help you with or write for you. I have attached some resources below if you wish to use or for ideas. FS2 use your phonics to help you sound out.

Number activity

You could watch the story “I can only draw worms” by Will Mabbitt on You Tube.
Or watch step by step how to draw your own worm.
Number lines starting at different numbers.

Number time – Can you draw your own worm number line? You could do a 1-10 or a 1-20 number line (choose the activity that suits your child). You could start at different numbers and count on. Can you count backwards using your number line? I have attached some worms below you could use instead of drawing your own or your grown up could draw some for you.

I have also attached some Minibeast counting activities you might like to have a go at.

Please remember these activities and ideas are there if you would like them, you could choose 1 or have a go at a few.
Here is the picture of the worm I found yesterday – I actually think it was the real Superworm it was that long and looked super strong. I am saving my worm fact for you for tomorrow’s fun Friday activity.

Have a lovely day in the sun and enjoy the outdoors. Miss Mc

FS2 Reading – if you haven’t already check out Oxford Owl online ebooks. It’s free to sign up and they have a great selection of ebooks online. A good one for for today is ‘An Odd Bug’.

Good morning FS – Thursday 21st May ☀️??????

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