What a fab start to the week. Some amazing worm lengths were sorted and you have wow’d me with your rhyming work. What superstars! ? Here’s a selection from yesterday’s activities and today’s activities further down.

Minibeast Superworm week

Did you have a think about what happens next in the story? Shall we see if you were right? Here’s Max’s prediction followed by the 2nd part of the story (you could watch part 1 from yesterday again first then follow on with this one). Thomas knows the story well and retold in his own words.


Activity 1 – Talk together and tell your grown up any words you can think of (this is a good start to tomorrow’s activity). Can you think of 4 words to describe a worm? Your adult could write down your words, you could copy the words, video you saying the words or FS2 you could use your phonics to sound the words out (choose the activity to suit your child). You could even just practice your name or write some tricky words on worms. Below are some resources if you can and wish to print or use as ideas. Adults you could draw some worms for your child to mark make/write on. There are also some pencil control activities if you would like some ideas or can print.
FS2’s – Once you have your worm words, there is a worm poem attached below you could have a go at. Can you write 1 short sentence for each letter?

Here’s a worm I started on pic collage using a worm template if you wanted another idea.


Activity 2 – Can you make your own worms and worm patterns? You could use paint and string/wool like in the ideas above or you could make your own worm or worm pictures. You could make some play-doh and make play-doh worms (if you haven’t already), stuff a sock or some tights with paper or newspaper and make some eyes for it, draw wiggly worms with colours, chalk or water and paintbrushes outside or use string/wool and wrap it around a cut out worm shaped bit of cardboard. The picture below has more ideas if you wish to use them and I have attached an idea below if you can and wish to print or use for ideas.

Maths time – Measuring worms

Today’s maths comes from Libby, Iris and Matthew. One of yesterday’s activities was to make your own worm family. Lots of you used the worm length ordering activity, some of you made play-doh worms and lots of you drew your own worm family. If you haven’t yet you could do that today (some pictures from yesterday’s activities above if you need any ideas).
Today I want you to see if you can measure your worm family. You could do this in non-standard units using objects in the house to measure e.g. pasta, hair grips or paper clips OR you could use a ruler or measuring tape if you have one. Talk to your child about the numbers and see if they can measure how long each worm is. For example – “the longest worm is 10 pasta pieces long” “the shortest worm is 1 paper clip long” or see if your child can use the numbers on the ruler/measuring tape and talk about measuring in CM (centimetres) – “the longest worm is 16cm long”. Can you compare the numbers using more/less. Can you write the numbers of how long each worm is?
Watch Libby below talking about her worm family length sizes (password – worms). Well done Libby – this was tricky. I have also attached some more measuring ideas below if you would like any more ideas (Or if you have already measured).

Remember these are a selection of activities and ideas, you could have a go at 1 of them or all of them -today and throughout the week.

Have a great day and have fun, Miss Mc.

Good morning FS – Tuesday 19th May ??

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