I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here’s a few more pics from last week’s activities and a few from the weekend. Are you ready for another fab week?

Minibeast week Superworm

This week we are looking at the story ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. It’s a longer story so I am splitting the story into 2 parts. Enjoy part 1.

Monday moves – Can you wriggle like a worm? We would love to see your worm wriggling pictures.


Activity 1 – Superworm has lots of rhyming words throughout the story. Did you hear any? Can you tell your grown up any rhyming words you heard – you might need to listen to the story again. Can you copy any of the words that rhyme or tell your grown up and make a list together.
Can you make a list of words that rhyme with; cat, dog, pen ? FS2’s use your phonics to help write your list.
I have attached some resources below if you can and wish to print or use for ideas.

Activity 2 – Can you put the Superworm family into the correct size order? You could cut and stick the sheets attached below or draw your own different size worms. Can you label your worms with names or with family member names? Use your sounds and phonics to help you.

Extra Challenge – Listen to the story again – what do you think is going to happen next? Can you talk about the characters and what you think they might do. If you know the story can you tell your grown up if you remember what happens next?

Finally for today – Mrs Brompton has been getting creative and has made a lovely word art picture for everyone. You could have a go at making your own – you could draw and write your own with help if you need it or you could use an app with a grown up to make one. You could use your family member names or make one about your friends. There are lots of apps you can download for free on you phone, tablet or iPad – if you search: Word art.

Remember these ideas and activities are there if you would like to have a go. Have lots of fun whilst doing them and enjoy.
Have a great Monday, Miss Mc.

Good morning FS – Monday 18th May ?

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