I have loved seeing your house drawings and photographs. Well done for adding labels and those that wrote a sentence telling me about your house. There was also some fantastic telescopes created -great patterns and creativeness.

Libby getting into Pirate character.

Pirate week

This week we are going to be making and creating lots of pirate themed objects. All of these will come in handy for ‘Pirate day’ on Friday. On Friday let’s have a pirate dress up day. Start having a think about what you might wear, please don’t buy or order anything new – this could be jeans and a stripy T-shirt. Most of the pirate accessories we are going to be making and creating this week.

This morning we are going to hear the beginning of the story again and a little bit more, this time read by me ? please excuse the first video attempt (I will keep practicing).

I hope it works – if it doesn’t please have a look at the video link from yesterday – I will repost below.

There are 2 activities today – you could choose 1 or have a go at both of them.
Activity 1 –

If you can’t find anything to make your pirate ship with don’t worry – why not have a go at drawing and designing your own pirate ship on paper – think about what materials would be best if you were to make one.

Activity 2 –

I have attached a flag template below if you wanted and were able to print it out but your flag will look fab on paper or bigger on what ever you can find – grown ups you could maybe just draw the outline of the flag if your child needs it.

Extra phonics challenge – In the story so far there are a few rhyming words – did you spot any of them? Tell an adult or see if you can copy them from the book and write them down to show me.

If the link doesn’t work above watch the story again – this time please only watch up to 2 minutes 9 seconds.

At lunch time I will post a maths addition challenge if you fancy trying some Maths this afternoon.
I look forward to seeing your creations today.
Have a great day.

Good morning FS – Tuesday 28th April ?‍☠️

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