Well done everyone that completed some challenges and activities from yesterday’s blog post and thank you for the fantastic pictures and observations on 2Build a Profile and email.

If you haven’t done the alphabet scavenger hunt from yesterday why not have a go today. See how many different objects you can find around your house beginning with the letters of the alphabet.

Today’s Literacy challenge:

FS1 – Can you complete the alphabet scavenger hunt? Can you copy any letters from the alphabet?

FS2 – Well done those of you that looked at the ‘air’ trigraph. Can you write some silly sentences today using this new sound. Maybe make a list of as many ‘air’ words as you can think of first. Ask an adult to support and check spellings if you need. Chair, fair, pair etc. If you haven’t yet looked at this sound take a look at the phonics video, it also has lots of ‘air’ words if you need some ideas – https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=uZHKK9jnfFQ

Today’s Maths challenge:

FS1 – This week’s challenges are counting, recognising and ordering numbers to 10. Can you challenge yourself past 10?

FS2 – Well done to everyone that completed the halving challenges from yesterday. If you haven’t yet have a go today. Extra challenge for those that have – Can you solve these word problems? Can you write it down? E.g Half of 6 is ..

Reading – Oxford Owl have free ebooks you can access and read online, all you need to do is join as a parent – https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/ If you have a school reading book at home you can look at the colour book band (coloured sticky label on spine) to see what level would be appropriate for your child or email me if you’re not sure. fsbrandesburton@gmail.com

Good morning FS – Tuesday 31st March ?

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  • Hi I’ve just been getting up date looking at the class blogs and all the fantastic activities teachers have been setting for the new home learning set up ! It’s all a very new concept but with all your great support and learning ideas I’m sure all the children and parents will be very much occupied and stimulated ! Great work everyone x

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