It’s going to be another sunny day but Jack Frost has been to visit this morning.

Today’s challenge: it’s lovely to be seeing signs of spring in our gardens. Have a listen to the spring song and see if you can sing along. Why not then go into your garden and see what signs of spring you can see. You could go on a minibeast hunt, take some pictures if you can get close enough. Remember to look after any minibeasts or animals you find. You could even make your own bug hotel like we have in our outdoor area at school. I would love to see more pictures so don’t forget to send them in:, email them to me: or add a comment below.

Extra Literacy challenge: Can you hear any rhyming words in the song? Can you tell an adult or write them down. FS2’s can you write your own spring song using your phonics? Remember to sound out carefully and use the phonics mats posted yesterday to recap your sounds.

Parents – please feel free to email me if you have any questions or queries with anything at all. This is new to us all and anything I can do to help or support please let me know. I know we are all missing life at Brandesburton very much so it’s lovely to see your pictures from home. Thank you for all the observations and pictures so far.

Good morning FS – Thursday 26th March ❄?

2 thoughts on “Good morning FS – Thursday 26th March ❄?

  • We’ve spent lots of time in the garden the last few days. Libby is loving playing in the mud kitchen making mud cakes and buns.

  • Libby did the mini-beast hunt. We took photos so that we didn’t disturb them – and also because i’m not a big bug fan! ?

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