Todays challenge: Thinking about family and friends we cannot see and spend time with at the moment – Can you tell your Mummy, Daddy or someone in your house some lovely words about them or sing them a song.

Think about ways you could do/record this – you could paint or colour a rainbow for your window, make a card or letter (FS2’s you could use your phonics to write your own, FS1’s can you copy some letters or write your name in it?), with help you could video it or ask someone to write something down for you.

I would love to see anything the children do so don’t forget to send as an observation to from the email you registered with – remember this can be done straight from you mobile phone, tablet or iPad, alternatively you can email me any pictures or videos to or comment on here.

I can’t wait to see what you can come up with. 😊

Good morning Foundation Stage β›… Tuesday 24th March

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