I hope you all had a lovely half term holiday, we’ve had a busy first week back.

It’s all things ‘People Who Help Us’ in Foundation Stage. Before the holidays the children enjoyed becoming doctors and nurses in the hospital and we were very lucky to have Doctor Cooper come in to talk to us and show us lots of equipment used by doctors. He then left some things for us to play with and use. We had great fun testing everything out.

This week we have enjoyed our new police station, being police officers and ‘putting’ people in jail. Outside we have enjoyed being fire fighters and using the fire hose.

On Thursday we talked about the poppies and why we were all wearing them. We watched a lovely short video that explained what we are remembering. We decorated biscuits, made collage poppies and today FS2 joined the whole school and parents for a special 2 minute silence.

Take a look at our pictures.

FS2 had a lovely end to the week on Friday afternoon by playing in the leaves – what fun we had!


We are so busy!

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