We have had a busy few weeks so far in Foundation Stage. We used some of the money raised at the fundraising morning to purchase the incubator and it’s doing a great job. We are observing our duck eggs everyday but nothing is happening yet – watch this space. All things are growing including some frogspawn that have arrived, again we are observing everyday and have been looking at life cycles of all of our animals in the classroom.

Outside things are beginning to grow and the children have started planting. So far we have been planting potatoes, sunflowers, cress, mustard and grass. We have talked about what plants and flowers need to grow and will be watering them all everyday and watching them grow.

The school’s 175th Celebrations

What a great start to the week of celebrations! The children looked fantastic today dressed up as someone significant from the past 175 years – we had Neil Armstrong to Madonna to the Queen. Think the adults enjoyed reminiscing as The Spice Girls a bit too much. Thank you to the fantastic effort everyone made. We are looking forward to continuing the celebrations this week.

Everything’s growing!

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